About us


LLInformatics is a rapidly growing software consulting company. We develop unique digital products for customers from various industries. Our portfolio includes clients like Stillpoint Spaces, Factory Berlin, Prairie Care, and many more. We try to engage in innovative and meaningful projects that could possibly change the world for the better. 

LLI's values are built on trust, integrity, and transparency. We make a conscious effort to continuously improve both organization and as people. Our team members are the greatest value of LLInformatics and we make every effort to create a work culture that will empower them and allow them to grow.

We’re a Polish IT company with more than 50 employees of different nationalities living across different parts of Europe. We’re proud to be a diverse team that is experienced with and supports remote work. 

Our values

We achieve goals together – that is the key to our success!

Every day, we’re guided by core values and basic beliefs that motivate us and help us in our actions and company development.  As a result, we reach common goals as a team and enjoy our successes and achievements together.

We place great trust in our team members — each one of us is equally responsible for the success of LLI and the team, regardless of his duties.  We regularly take initiative to achieve a goal or solve a problem. To us, every downfall is a lesson in which we can gain valuable experience.

Curiosity helps our team to constantly improve and keep learning. We’re looped into the latest solutions and do our best to keep up with ever-changing trends within the business landscape. 

The foundation of our team’s work is made up of trust, open communication, and honesty. These values define the way we work and build strong relationships with both our colleagues and customers. 

Perks & Benefits

  • Access to online library
  • Standing desk
  • Weekly team lunch
  • Remote work
  • Work on two monitors: MacBook and wide professional screen
  • Funding for language lessons
  • Funding for courses
  • Mentoring and trainings
  • Sports Card
  • Board game nights and other events
  • Casual dress code

Our work culture

  • Smooth start: Your supervisor will implement you on the culture of our work. He will support and mentor you at the beginning of your path at LLI.
  • We carry out internal kaizen events in which we offer our time and expertise so that you can grow with us.
  • We work according to Agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban)
  • We educate and explain, but we also listen and learn from you. This is facilitated by LLI’s flat structure and informal communication culture.
  • We regularly conduct feedback sessions (including anonymous 360° sessions) in which colleagues give you constructive feedback on both your strengths and areas in which to improve. 
  • After the initial six-month trial period, we allow for flexible work times, as we care for the results over traditional working hours. As a remote-friendly company, we also support remote work.
  • We always focus on the quality of projects and skillfully manage deadlines in order to prevent unnecessary pressure. This way, each of us has quality time both for ourselves and other people in the company. Team and people are key.

Our recruitment process

What kind of journey are waiting for you?

1st Step: Application

2nd Step: CV Review

3rd Step: Technical Interview

4th Step: Feedback session

Finish: Welcome to the LLI team!